The Cavs Should Draft Derrick Williams

The Cavs need to draft Derrick Williams.

After the display he put on last night showing off his absurd combination of size, speed, and athleticism I feel like every time we watch Arizona we are watching the best player in college basketball.  His stat line last night just further emphasized this, 32 points and 13 rebounds against one of the top teams in the country.  Let’s not forget about the ridiculous put back dunk he had early in the first half and the hammer he threw down during the second half that seemed to be the exclamation mark on the Wildcat comeback.

And for the record, thanks CBS for deleting every youtube clip of Derrick Williams dunks against Duke. Appreciate that… really.  Jerks.

Truth be told Duke had no answers for Williams thanks in part to his size and skill set.  Whenever Duke attempted to play Williams with size by placing one of the Plumlee brothers on him, he blew past them on dribble drives or simply stretching them out beyond the three point line.  If Duke put a smaller player on him to counter his speed and quickness, Williams simply posted up down low and focused on rebounding.  Speaking of which, he was a beast on the boards and defensively was all over the place blocking shots and disrupting other.  The man played possessed last night and looked every bit the part of potential #1 pick.

Not to be out done, Kyrie Irving also had a great game, 28 points in 31 minutes of playing time.  However, you couldn’t help but think his presence effected Nolan Smith in a negative way.  The ball was taken out his hands for large portions of the game and he was never able to get into a flow of the game finishing with 8 point on only 3 of 14 shooting.  It was a calculated risk to insert Irving back into the lineup after missing three months worth of basketball games.  A lot of people felt that it was a move that would propel them to the title.  So much for that.  Now the attention will turn to whether or not Irving returns for his sophomore season.

The debate though now centers on who do the Cavs take?  Assuming the both come out, do they take Williams or Irving?  Do you take the player with the absurd combination or size and speed who can play on the inside and outside, play solid defense and rebound, or do you take the cerebral point guard who many feel like could be the second coming of Chris Paul?  I’m inclined to take Williams.  I don’t think you run across his combination of tools very often.  Meanwhile, there has been a “next great point guard” in the draft every year for the past three years it seems.  The Cavs also have two lottery picks.  Why not take Derrick Williams with the first pick and then make a play for Kemba Walker with the second pick.  We’ve seen what Kemba is capable of.  The man is a stud with stones the size of boulders.  Irving has played a grand total of 11 games.  There are still a lot of questions surrounding him.

On Saturday we’ll get a chance to envision that scenario as Uconn will take on Zona in the elite 8.  That means Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams on the same floor at the same time.  We won’t have to flip back and forth between channels trying to watch both of them play at the same time.

In other news, Butler beat Wisconsin… thank God, Uconn, as I said, beat San Diego State, and Florida ended Jimmer mania by beating BYU in overtime.

Tonight the Elite 8 caps off with Ohio State taking on Kentucky, which as it turns out give me the opportunity to rag on all of the Kentucky underwriters I work with, Richmond battles Kansas, Florida State will try to end VCU’s magical run, and Marquette will battle North Carolina.

Gotta love March Madness.


One thought on “The Cavs Should Draft Derrick Williams

  1. You’ve got a great point with “the next great point guard” and how it comes every single year. I’ve never really seen anyone quite like Williams. I’m searching for a comparison, but I can’t find one.

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