March Madness

So every year the Yankee Loving Fiance and I partake in a bracket challenge with the winner getting whatever they want.  Despite my knowledge of all things sports and basketball, I have only managed to win 2 out of the 5 years we have been doing this.  Usually I get out to a big lead on day 1 and then fall back on day 2 ultimately losing thanks to a few final four teams losing the second weekend.  Once again we have decided to partake in yet another challenge with the stakes yet to be set.  I know round 1 is already under way…the real round 1, so before things go horribly wrong, here are the links to our brackets and our final fours.


Yankee Loving Fiance

My Final Four is Duke vs. Ohio State and Notre Dame vs. Kansas State.  I have Ohio State beating Notre Dame in the title game.

Yankee Loving Fiance went with Ohio State vs. Texas and Notre Dame vs. BYU.  That’s right… She has Jimmer Fever and the only prescription is more Jimmer!  Anyways… She has Ohio State beating BYU in the title game.

Stay tuned, folks… this is sure to get violent.


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