So Much for That

Way to go Cleveland Indians.  No sooner than I finish making the case for Lonnie Chisenhall and Indians already cut him from the 40 man roster.  This move effectively ended any chance Chisenhall had for making the team out of spring training and assured him his spot playing third for the Columbus Clippers.  That pretty much figures.

Only in Cleveland could a guy be hitting the complete crap out of the ball, making the rest of the competition look inept, and be sent back to triple A.  But that’s the Indians for you…  One misguided decision after another.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot I like about the Indians this year, but with Chisenhall I would have liked them even more.  The Indians need a third baseman and as it just so happens that’s exactly what Chisenhall is.  What a crazy coincidence.

However, despite my issues with the decision Chisenhall should benefit from going to triple A.  It will give him more time to develop with absolutely no pressure.  Had he made the Indians out of Spring Training the pressure would have been on from the start for him to perform.  If he struggled early it could have snow balled and ruined him forever.  This way, Chisenhall can come up to the big league club sometime in June when the Indians have played their way out of any real contention and get major league experience with no pressure.

So for the time being, Carlos Santana is safe.  My man crush on him won’t be challenged by Lonnie Chisenhall anytime soon.  He can continue to mash major league pitching and be an overall bad ass.  And truth be told, while Chisenhall is a potential stud, it’s Sanatana who is the future super star of this team.

And yes… you all needed to know about my Carlos Santana man crush


One thought on “So Much for That

  1. I’m hoping Santana is going to be as good as he was last year. He reminded me of a young Victor Martinez, and his hitting is fun to watch. I think I’ve found the twin for Santana: Yankees prospect Jesus Montero. They’re so alike hitting.

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