It’s an L.A. Thing… You Wouldn’t Get It

Just when we think it couldn’t get any worse the Cavs go and pull something like what they did last night and totally redeem themselves… well sorta… at least in the short-term.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Cavs played the Lakers last night.  The Lakers radio station billed this game as their last practice before the all-star break.  Everyone assumed they would just roll into Cleveland, walk on to court, get their 20 point win and get out of dodge headed for the all-star break.  There was just one problem.  The Cavs wanted no part of that plan.  They had a different plan in mind…

Layeth the smacketh down on their candy asses… and did they ever.

This game wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicated.  The Cavs came out on a mission and gave the Lakers everything they could handle.  Ramon Sessions played like a man possessed, J.J. had another solid game on both ends of the court and Christian Eyenga was posterizing fools, most notably Pau Gasol.  It was the kind of game that did two things for Cavs fans.  The first was to feel a little optimistic that the Cavs might have some quality pieces in place after all.  The second was to wonder where the hell that effort has been all season.  If the Cavs played with even half the intensity they’ve displayed in their games against both L.A. teams in the past week, they would never have had to deal with a 26 game losing streak.

Of course the Cavs were aided by the fact that no one on the Lakers had a good game.  Kobe wasn’t his usual dominating self.  Ron Artest was non-existent.  The combination of Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum didn’t do much of anything.  Afterwards Phil Jackson accused his team of starting the all-star break before the game rather than after.  Again, might be true, but the fact remains that during the streak the Cavs still would have found a way to lose this game.  Last night was different.  Last night they played like a hungry NBA team.  It was a nice change.

Of course the media insults the Cavs when they lose and lo and behold they find a way to do it when they win.  Thanks to last night the media is focusing on what’s wrong with the Lakers now that they’ve lost three games in a row to the Magic, the mediocre Bobcats, and now the lower than low worst team in history Cavs.  Thanks, guys.  We’re excited about the win too.  Seriously, we bounce back and beat the Lakers and we can’t even get an “atta boy” or pat on the back.  Instead we get to hear how bad the Cavs are and how we shouldn’t have even been in the same gym as the Lakers.  Whatever.  That’s the media for you.  Blowing a loss in mid-February before the all-star break out of proportion.

The Lakers are fine.  In all honesty they have the look of a team that has won back to back titles and looks bored by the doldrums of the regular season.  Once the playoffs start and the games finally count for something they’ll be fine.  Everyone just needs to relax.  No more talk of trading for Melo or turning over the roster right now in a panic move.  They know what they’re doing and, more importantly, Phil Jackson knows what he’s doing.

But regardless of what ESPN and the rest of the national media might try to tell you, last night belonged to the Cavs.  They got to enjoy a second victory in three games and head into the all-star break with something to feel good about.  And why is it that they can only beat the L.A. teams all of a sudden?  Does anyone else find that even the least bit weird?  We can’t beat the Piston or the Wizards and look terrible in the process, but against a young up and coming Clipper team and the defending champ Lakers they look like all-stars.  I can’t figure it out.  This team is totally Jekyll and Hyde.  Let’s just hope that they’re more Jekyll and less Hyde after the break…

Hyde is a scary son of a bitch… and he’s not very good at basketball… not at all.


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