Weekend Round Up… On Tuesday

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, so my normal daily routine was thrown off.  That’s why there was no post yesterday.  Sorry!

Moving on, what’s happened the past few days…

1.  Ohio State finally lost.  They had been the #1 team for what had appeared to be an eternity.  They were also the last undefeated team in the nation.  So much for that.  The Buckeyes went into Wisconsin to play the Badgers and came out on the wrong side of things.  It’s not all gloom and doom though.  Wisconsin is a tough team and hardly ever loses at home.  It appears that a lot of the voters in the polls realized that too since the Buckeyes still received a lot of #1 votes.  To top things off, the new #1 Kansas Jayhawks got blasted last night by Kansas St.  Good job rock chalk, Jayhawk.

2.  The Cavs finally won.  I covered that in depth on Saturday.  You can read it here.  Then on Sunday they laid down and died against the Washington Wizards.  I’m embarrassed to call myself a Cavs fan after that one.  Piss poor effort all around and not worth me saying much more.

3.  The Albert Pujols situation is reaching code red status.  Contract negotiations between the all-star slugger and the St. Louis Cardinals have been nonesistent to say the least.  To make matters worse, there has been a deadline placed on negotiations for noon, Wednesday.  That’s not good for the Cardinals.  Sometime between now and then the Cardinals have to find a way to come together on an agreement or else Pujols is going to hit the free agent market at the end of the season.  Right now Pujols is demanding a contract somewhere in the realm of 10 years and $30 million dollars a year.  For those of you who can’t do basic math that equals $300 million dollars.  Good luck competing with that albatross hanging around your neck.  By they time that contract expires Pujols will be pushing 40.  In the post steroid era that’s quite a commitment.  I don’t blame the Cardinals for possibly wanting to cut ties.

4.  The Penguins and Islanders don’t like each other very much.  If you were wondering how I know this, one needs to look no further than the brawl that took place Friday night.  It was a brawl that occurred thanks to a cheap shot, brawl, and goalie fight that happened nine days earlier.  A lot of people aren’t fans of fighting in hockey.  I am.  In all the other sports, referees are quick to break up scuffles and throw out technicals at the first sight of trouble.  In the NHL they just go at it.  What’s not to like about that, especially when the goalies are duking it out.

5.  On Sunday the Celtics beat the Heat… again.  I love it.  The fact that their inability to beat the Celtics is starting to get to LeBron… I love that even more.  Supposedly, he’s been sulking for the past few days.  Good for him.  And how good is Rajon Rondo?  All he did was put up a triple double and guard LeBron the majority of the second half.  That’s right, 6′ 1″ 171 lbs guarding 6′ 8″ 275+… effectively.  I also loved when Rondo tried to get into the Heat’s huddle and it visibly began to piss him off.  I used to hate Rondo, Pierce, and the rest of those green clad freaks.  Now they’re turning into my favorite team.  Keep it up, Celtics.  Keep it up.

6.  The first official weekend without football came and went.  Get used to it.  From everything that I’m reading and hearing on the radio, the labor talks between the owners and the players association are not going well.  Meetings are getting cancelled, owners are bad mouthing players, players are getting more and more pissed off.  It’s bad man… real bad.  At this rate I’m not sure how they fix this.  Now there are rumors that one of the sides wants to bring in the National Labor Relations Board.  If there’s one thing I learned during the one quarter in college when I had Human Resources, it’s that when one side brings in the NLRB… that’s not good either.  One side is looking for a legal settlement to the issues.  Which side that is, no one is really sure, but the fact remains that this is going to get worse before it gets better.  Get ready for life without football folks. It might be a while.


One thought on “Weekend Round Up… On Tuesday

  1. No problem with the delay, glad to see a review. I subscribed to your blog. The Cavs really were embarrassing against the Wizards at home…and that’s saying something. Good to hear your opinions about fighting. I think fighting to some degree in the NHL is good, but not too much where it gets ugly.

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