Blake “The Grim Leaper” Griffin is Coming for Souls

Let’s just get this out in the open from the start.  The Cavs aren’t winning tonight.  They aren’t beating the Clippers.  This isn’t an attempt at a reverse jinx after the kiss of death I put on them Wednesday.  This is a fact and it comes down to one basic fact… There is no one on the Cavs roster that can guard Blake Griffin.

Name me one player.  Seriously… I’m waiting,  Alonzo Gee?  Ryan Hollins?  Joey Graham?  Antawn Jamison?


It’s games like this one where the problem with the Cavaliers is glaringly obvious.  There is not enough talent on this team, as currently constructed, to compete in the NBA.  If you want to be one of the top teams in the NBA you need a superstar.  It’s a fact of life along with women are insane and men are slobs.  Yes, occasionally there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part these facts hold true.

The Clippers as a whole are loaded with young, athletic talent.  Look down the roster and it becomes clear that the Cavs have no business winning tonight.  Baron Davis.  DeAndre Jordan.  Eric Gordon.  Randy Foye.  Should I keep going?  The Cavs don’t have anything right now that’s even close to that.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  Just search YouTube for “Blake Griffin dunks.”  That’s all the evidence you need for what is going to unfold at the Q tonight.  If you’re too lazy to do so yourself, I’ve done it for you…

Scared yet?

The only chance the Cavs have to win this game tonight is the fact that these are the Los Angeles Clippers we are talking about.  Losing this game tonight would fit nicely in their “prestigious” history somewhere between the Michael Olawakandi draft pick and the 14,000+ blown knees they’s had.  Does it seem likely?  Not at all.  Is it possible?  Well, anything is possible.  It’s just improbable.

It’s going to take a perfect game by the Cavs to pull this one out.  Maybe they’ll come out and do just that.  Maybe all the talk in the national media about how they rolled over and died against the pistons will finally be what pisses them off and fuels them to a victory.  If that doesn’t happen tonight, then when?  When are the Cavs going to man up, get pissed off at everyone and everything and win a game?  Yes, there is a talent disparity with this roster, but now it’s coming down to integrity and manhood.  I’m pissed off for them to an extent, but I’m not the one going out and playing the games.  This is all on them and at this point I’m not sure if they’re man enough to do what they have to do.

So with that said, I fully expect the Cavs to lose tonight.  It’ll be ugly too.  Blake Griffin will probably catch seven alley oops and have 16 dunks.  We’ll see it all over Sportcenter and other highlight shows.  It will mark the 27th straight loss for the Cavs and set a new bar for losing in all of major sports.  And then we will have the dream matchup on Sunday night between the Cavs and Wizards at the Q.  So brace yourselves Cavs fans.  Tonight is going to be ugly. 

Let’s just hope the Cavs actually try this time in the process…


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