Super Bowl XVL: The Morning After

And so ends another NFL Season…

Last night the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in what ended up being a pretty decent Super Bowl all around.  The game was good and had a bit of drama.  The commercials were funny.  There were even a few moments that were less than desirable but will serve as good water cooler and sports radio talk today.  Here are my thoughts on the game.

1.  I feel like the Steelers didn’t have the right game plan going into the game.  They didn’t run the ball anywhere near enough, they turned the ball over, and at times they looked discombobulated.  It was completely un-Steeler like.  The icing on the cake for me happened late in the first quarter and set the tone for me the rest of the night.  The Packers were up 7-0 with just over three minutes left.  In my office numbers pool I had… Green Bay 7, Pittsburgh 0.  All the Steelers had to do was go 3 minutes without screwing up.  Of course they didn’t.  Roethlisberger went deep, it was picked off and before I knew it The Packers were up 14-0… and I was out $500.  Needless to say I have yet another reason to hate Ben Roethlisberger this morning.

Getting back to the game…

2.  Aaron Rodgers was incredible.  Spot on accuracy, three touchdowns, and over 300 yards passing.  He earned that MVP award and in the process finally stepped out of the Brett Favre shadow once and for all.  You have to feel good for him, especially given how his teammates reacted in the waning seconds of the game.  You could tell they wanted to win this game for their leader and showed the level of camaraderie this Packers team has.  IT was actually a somewhat touching moment.

3.  If you had a soul, you also had to feel bad for Charles Woodson.  He’s had such an impressive football career as a whole, ever since high school and his days at Michigan.  To get this far once again only to have the moment ripped away from him thanks to a broken collar-bone sucked a big one.  He’s another player whom his teammates wanted to win this game for.  Once the celebration started it was more than apparent how much he meant to them as their leader.  I’m glad to see that he’s finally climbed that mountain to the top.  I hope he enjoys that trip to the White House to meet Bears fan… err… President Obama.

4.  Turnovers, once again, were the biggest factor in the outcome of the game.  The Steelers turned the ball over 3 times and the Packers scored 21 points.  There’s no coming back from that.  I don’t care how talented or how much experience you have.  The Packers took care of the ball and made the most of their opportunities.  Surprise, surprise they won the game.

5.  The other thing that stood out in this game was how few big plays the Steelers made on either side of the ball.  Their big playmakers were nonexistent.  At any point during the game did either Aikman or Buck mention the names of James Harrision, Troy Polamalu, or LaMarr Woodley on defense?  Mike Wallace didn’t have a single big catch, Rashard Mendenhal didn’t break any runs, and Hines Ward was nowhere to be found.  One can’t help but think if any of them had made even one play then this game might have been a little bit different for the Steelers.  At the same time, the Packers big men came to play, especially Clay Matthews who forced a fumble that would become one of the biggest plays of the game.

As for non game related happenings…

6.  Christian Aguilera… ouch.  First off, she look like a chipmunk with it’s cheeks stuffed to max capacity with peanuts.  Second, why was he face orange but her hands pasty white?  Third, and most importantly… she screwed up the National Anthem.  How on Earth do you screw that up in that moment on that grand of a stage.  It’s not like this is the first time she’s ever sang it either.  She’s a seasoned vet with the anthem.  Her reasoning behind the flub was that she became “caught up in the emotion of the moment” but hope that her “love for the country could be felt in the performance, messed up lyrics aside.”  Right… that kinda, sorta makes sense… only not at all.  Next time I screw something up I’m just going to say I got caught in the emotion of the moment.  I bet my boss will understand.  Meanwhile, Lea Michele’s rendition of God Bless America was incredible and she looked amazing.  In the process it made Aguilera look that much worse.  Once again, if someone asks you to sing the National Anthem… just say no.

7.  The half-time show was just kinda meh.  I’m not a Black Eyed Peas fan so nothing of what they did really impressed me.  I didn’t think they were all that amazing, but at the same time I didn’t think they were terrible.  I could have done without it hough.

8.  The commercials for the most part were incredible.  I thought most of them were pretty funny and pretty memorable.  Among my favorites were the Doritos finger licker, the Career Builder parking lot commercial, Faith Hill helping a guy order flowers, the Pepsi max diet, and my favorite, the mini Darth Vader.  My least favorites were the car commercials, surprisingly the beer commercials were lacking, and I thought Coca-Cola missed big time with their commercials (except for the border commercial.  That one was good.)  Movie-wise I thought the Transformers spot was awesome, Captain America looked incredible, and the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean looks like it’ll be a good entry in the series.

So there you have it folks, another year another Super Bowl.  Let’s just hope that we have a Super Bowl next year.  But that’s a topic for another day.


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