Bernie Kosar Meets With Bengals; May Go to Work for Patriots

Just when you think things can’t get any worse another bomb gets dropped on the city of Cleveland.  Should we be surprised at this point?  Not necessarily.  But at some point you have to think that things will begin to change.  Unfortunately now is not that time.  Instead, we have all been left reeling from reports that came out this morning regarding Bernie Kosar.

This morning Tony Grossi tweeted news that Bernie Kosar might possibly be going to work for the New England Patriots.  Yes, the Bill Belichick coached Patriots.  The same Bill Belichick who released hometown hero Bernie Kosar after week 8 of the 1993 season citing “diminishing skills.”  It was that move which cemented Belichick’s legacy in Cleveland and made him the mortal enemy of Kosar.  Now, some 17 years after the fact, Bernie Kosar may find himself employed by the same man who gave up on him all those years ago.

As if things weren’t bad enough after this news broke, Rizzo then stated Kosar had already met with the Cincinnati Bengals in regards to taking a position with the team.  At this point everyone in Cleveland took a collective dump in their pants.  Emails and phone calls started flying into the Really Big Show and everyone began picking apart the situation.  I can’t blame anyone either.  I was doing the same thing.  The Bengals?  The Patriots?


What the hell are the Browns doing?  Are they on a mission to alienate the Browns and their fans from every single one of their living legends?  Just look at what’s happened.  Ozzie Newsome is the general manager for the Ravens.  Jim Brown hates everyone associated with the current regime and wants nothing to do with any of them.  Bernie Kosar might be going to work for the rival Bengals or the Patriots.  What next?  Brian Sipe going to work for the Steelers?  How about Kevin Mack or Eric Metcalf going to work for John Elway and the Broncos?  Ugh…

I’m sorry.  I know this is probably stupid in the grand scheme of things, but the Browns cannot let this happen.  Bernie Kosar is the face of the franchise for those who grew up after the Jim Brown era.  He has been a constant supporter of the team, been active in the community, and has been one of the few resemblances of consistency since 1999.  He’s what connects these Browns to the glory days of old.  They need to find a place for him within the organization.  Yes Mike Holmgren has his plan in place.  That’s fine.  I’m not asking him to bring Kosar in to be a final say so for decision making.  All that I’m saying is that Kosar needs to be utilized as a talent evaluator or adviser to the coaching staff or QB’s.

Something… Anything…

Browns fans are hanging on by a thread right now.  They are coming off of yet another losing season.  They just hired their fifth coach since 1999, a coach with zero head coaching experience at any level mind you.  The Pittsburgh Steelers just made the Super Bowl for the third time since 1999 and may very well claim their 7th title.  The Browns, meanwhile, are still years away from having enough talent to compete for a Super Bowl.  These are not good times.  Now we find out Bernie is considering employment from Belichick or the Bengals.  This is bad man… real bad.

So I am saying this to you, Cleveland Browns.  Do not mess this up.  Do not give us yet another reason to jump ship.  It’s already hard enough to continually root for you while our legends help the competition succeed.  We can’t take anymore blows.  Granted it’s not all your fault we’re like this.  The Indians and Cavs are just as much to blame for our inferiority complex.  The difference is that our ties to you are so much stronger.  Don’t leave us thinking that yet another one got away.

Many might try to blame Kosar for this, but this is not his fault.  He wants to work in the NFL.  Why else would he continually offer his services to the Browns, do color commentary, or purchase an arena football team?  The man loves football and he loves the Browns.  Why won’t the Browns love him back?

This all comes back to the basic principle I explained early in the week.  When Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore we lost more than just three years of football.  We lost so much more.  There is a divide now that separates the Browns of the past from the Browns of today.  Although we kept the name, the colors, and the records it just doesn’t feel the same.  There’s a lack of continuity with this franchise and it is a direct result of that decision.  The current regime doesn’t care about the glory days and why should they?  They have no ties to any of them. 

Instead we are left to pick up the pieces.  We’re the one’s forced to try and connect the past with the present and the future.  We’re left to sit here and plead for something different.  In the end we’ll be burned, just like always.  So eventually when the news breaks that our hero, Bernie Kosar, has accepted a job in the NFL not with the Browns our hearts will break.  Some will shed a tear and others will be angry.  The Browns will be questioned and all they’ll say is that they aren’t concerned with what other teams are doing and that they have a plan with the parts they have in place.  All the while we’ll continue to feel like we’ve been bamboozled and yet another hero gone forever.

Say it ain’t so, Bernie… Say it ain’t so…


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