Monday Quick Hits

Another weekend has come and gone way too quickly.  I wonder if anything important happened or relatively interesting happened?  Let’s find out.

1.  The Super Bowl is set:  In two weeks the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will face of in Dallas for the right to call themselves the world champs.  The Packers defeated the Bears in what was a lopsided affair.  Despite the face that the final score was only 21-14, it wasn’t even that close.  The Bears dominated the Bears on both sides of the ball for the better majority of the game.  The only time the Bears showed signs of life was when 3rd string QB Caleb Hanie took over, but his lack of experience was too much to overcome.  The Steelers on the other hand dominated the Jets early and did just enough to hang on late.  The Steelers got out early to a 24-0 lead.  The Jets made some awesome adjustments and scored 19 unanswered, but they couldn’t make the big stop when they needed to and it was a case of too little too late.  So here we are.  The Steelers and Packers with their rich traditions will square off in what looks like a great game on paper.  A matchup like this has never happened.  Let’s just hope it lives up to the hype.

2.  Chicago fans are pissed:  I wouldn’t want to be Jay Cutler right now.  Anyone and everyone right now has an opinion regarding his “injury” and his heart.  I will agree to an extent and during the game I was left scratching my head.  I couldn’t understand why Cutler was out of the game and even more perplexing was his body language.  He looked disinterested the entire game, especially once things began spiraling out of control and it was obvious he didn’t have his A game.  It’s going to be very interesting to see exactly what the extent of his knee injury is and even more interesting will be the response to it.  He had better plan ahead because the backlash is already been pretty bad.  If it turns out he’s not even hurt that badly things could get epic.  Regardless, I’m left wondering how badly Cutler wanted to play.  I know it’s stupid but I just can’t get over the body language.  I’ve tried defending Cutler the past few weeks.  I might have to stop.

3.  The fall of Rome: In a puzzling move, WKNR decided to stretch Rizzo and the Really Big Show an extra hour.  That’s fine.  I understand that Rizzo and the crew are the station’s golden goose right now.  What confuses me however is the fact that they were willing to extend the show an extra hour forcing them to move the first hour of Jim Rome to WKNR 2.  Rome has been broadcast on the station forever and been extremely loyal to both WKNR and the city of Cleveland, I just can’t believe they would think this is a good idea.  Yes, Rizzo has a good following, but I think Rome’s might be a little bit larger.  Call me crazy.  Rome’s not happy about it.  They said he wasn’t.  Rome also made note of his displeasure on Friday when Clevelanders emailed about the situation.  More than likely they can cross themselves off the list to fill in for Rome ever again.  I don’t like the move, which is surprising.  I listen to Rizzo everyday, but I also listen to Rome.  I’ve been listening to Rome a lot longer than Rizzo, so sorry guys… I think I’ll be following Rome most days.

4.  Manning to become the richest football player ever: The Colts met with Peyton Manning’s agent over the weekend in order to negotiate what will most likely be the most lucrative contract in the history of the NFL.  One has to wonder how smart this really is.  Manning is already 35 years old and based on what is being thrown around, the contract will be for five years.  By the time the contract is over Manning will be 40 years old.  Is it smart to tie up that much money on someone who will be that old?  I know Manning is good, but they need to have money freed up to put the right pieces around him.  Bill Polian and the Colts have always been pretty smart when it comes to running an organization, but this I’m not so sure about.  Then again I’m no expert.

5.  The Cavs still stink:  Not that it’s any real surprise, but the Cavs still stink.  They lost two more games over the weekend to run their losing streak to 16 in a row.  On a positive note, they did manage to cover the 15.5 point spread in Chicago.  That was unexpected.  Another unexpected turn of events was the unveiling of this years Cavsfanatic jerseys.  They took the 2000 era alternate blue scheme and applied the black, sky blue, orange and white color scheme of the mid 90’s.  A lot of people hated them.  I actually kind of liked them.  It was interesting to see those colors actually appear on a decent uniform template.  Besides, what better way to get into the swing of losing every game than to harken back to the last time we were losing every game?

6.  The Buckeyes are still the #1 team in college basketball:  They’ve run their record to 20-0 with a big win over the #22 ranked Illinois Illini.  Jared Sullinger continued his reign of terror over the Big 10 by posting a gaudy 27 and 16.  Crazy ridiculous.  He also won the Big 10 player of the week for the fourth time so far this season.  The kid is a straight up beast and is doing his best to build up steam heading into the big dance.  Let’s just enjoy him while we can, folks.  Cleveland St. also won this weekend to move to 7-2 in the Horizion League play and move to 18-3 overall.  They also look like they’re primed for big things this year.  Stay tuned.


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