Dolphins Hire Daboll; Cleveland Says WTF?

Brian Daboll takes his talents to South Beach


In a strange turn of events Brian Daboll has managed to find himself another job in the National Football League.  What’s even stranger is the fact that he found another job as an offensive coordinator.  Yes, you read that right.  Brian Daboll will be an offensive coordinator next year in the NFL and it wont be for the Cleveland Browns.  Brian Daboll is taking his talents to Miami in 2011.  Coincidentally, Clevelanders don’t really seem to care much.  As it turns out, we’re all more than happy to be rid of Daboll and his out dated offensive mind-set.

What’s more perplexing is that the Miami Dolphins look at the offensive production of the Cleveland Browns over the past two seasons and felt that Brian Daboll was the solution to their offensive woes.  When you look at the numbers, there is no reason anyone

Can Daboll's experience with McCoy help him with Henne?

should ever reach this conclusion.  It makes you wonder first of all, did the Dolphins even bother looking at gametape from the past two seasons and secondly, if they did, how the hell did they reach this decision?

To throw more gasoline onto this fire of confusion, players are already praising the hire.  As it turns out, whatever they had in Miami last season must have been absolutely awful.  That’s the only way I can begin to explain why they would want to pick from the scrap pile of Cleveland coaches past.

Looking at the numbers makes thing even that much more confusing:

  • Miami was 21st in total offense.  The Browns were 29th
  • Miami was 16th in passing yards.  The Browns were 29th again
  • Miami was 21st in rushing yards.  The Browns had a slight edge and ranked 20th.

The most obvious reason for the change is more than likely due to the fact that Dan Henning and the Miami offense had been underachieving the past few seasons.  After bursting onto the scene with the wildcat in 2008, Miami has seen a steady decline in production as more teams figured out how to solve the gimmick.  Throw in the fact that the Dolphins had missed the playoffs the past two seasons, failed to develop Chad Henne, and under utilized Brandon Marshall and it begins to make sense why the Dolphins made the change.

"Were were this close to 7-9!"

The one factor probably playing in the favor of Brian Daboll was his somewhat creative stretch against the Saints, Patriots, and Jets in which the Browns used trick plays and odd offensive sets to rack up point and win two out of the three games.  The Dolphins were probably foaming at the mouth imagining the possibilities of Daboll’s offense with weapons such as Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Brandon Marshall.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Dolphins that Daboll’s genius was limited to those three games.  The other 29 games in the past two seasons were miserable, especially in the passing game.  Then again how much of that was due to a lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball and how much of that was Daboll?  I’m sure we’ll find out come next season which it was.

In the meantime, Browns fans can concentrate their efforts on over analyzing the beginning of the Pat Shurmur era.  Fun times…


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