The NBA: Where Embarrassment Happens

12, 13, 16, 16…

That’s the quarterly point totals from last night’s Cavs game against the Lakers… 25 points at halftime.  57 points total.  Unbelieveable.

Taking a closer look the Cavs were almost doubled up by the Lakers, 112-57.  The Lakers scored 57 points in the first half alone.  They could have gone scoreless the entire second half and still forced the game into overtime.  How does that happen?  Well first off the Cavs shot 29% from the floor compared to the Lakers 53%.  The Cavs shot 7% from three point range while the Lakers shot 50%.  The leading scorer for the Cavs was Alonzo Gee with 12 points.

Nick Young of the Washington Wizards scored 43 point last night against the Kings.  By himself he would have lost to the Cavs by only 14 points.

This is bad man… real bad.

The Cavs have finally hit rock bottom.  Yesterday I said they had to get worse in order to get better.  Well, after last night’s game I think it’s safe to say that things can’t possibly get much worse.  The Cavs now own the worst record in the NBA in terms of winning percentage at 8-30 (the Kings are 8-27) and looked primed to have the most ping-pong balls in this years NBA draft lottery.  In all honesty this is what needed to happen, but I think we can all agree that we didn’t want to see it happen like this.  What we witnessed last night was unforgiveable.

The Cavs played scared and with absolutely no urgency.  Sure, we knew that the Cavs weren’t going to win this game, but by no stretch of the imagination did anyone think it would be this bad.  By all accounts the game was over before it even started, but they still had to play.  They might have been better off forfeiting.

Now the questions are beginning to swirl about what the Cavs should do.  Will last night’s game be the catalyst that finally forces the Cavs to start moving some of its core pieces in an attempt to stock pile draft picks?  If I’m Dan Gilbert I’m going to Chris Grant this morning and telling him to start calling other teams and trying to get involved in any and all trades that will be going down in the upcoming weeks.  Why not call Denver and see if there is any way we can help them facilitate the pending Carmelo Anthony trade?  It’s worth a shot.

So this is the reality we are facing.  The Cavs suck.  We all knew it going into the season so we shouldn’t be surprised.  We should take it for what it is.  It’s the beginning stages of a rebuilding project that is going to be very, very messy given how far they’ve fallen.  But this is the process of rebuilding in the NBA.  So hang on tight.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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