Breaking News: People Are Dumb

So we’ve officially reached the point where all of the bandwagon jumpers start showing their true colors.  The Cavaliers aren’t good, this is no secret.  Over the past seven years we came to expect certain things when watching them play.  Every night the Cavs were competitive, they were fun to watch, more often than not they were going to win.  Unfortunately those days are long gone.  We’ve fallen back to the pack and then some and not many people are happy about it.

There is however a key difference between being upset about what happened and acting like a raving lunatic.  Real fans are logical.  They see this team for what they are and what they lost this summer.  They understand that there was no way of really preventing what happened.  Real fans understand that this is a team that is in rebuilding mode for the foreseeable future.  How long remains to be seen.

The bandwagon jumpers are a totally different story.  Prior to Lord Voldemort they could have cared less about the Cavs.  Over the course of the past seven years the Cavs became the it thing, the hot ticket in Cleveland and the bandwagoners jumped right on board with the rest of us.  Now that times are tough, they’re nowhere to be found.  They’ve stopped coming to games, they’ve stopped watching on TV, and worst yet… they’re bitching.  Not just regular bitching either.  We’re talking about crazy, out of this world ranting.  Allow me to show you an example originally reported on Waiting for Next Year.

On the Cavaliers’ page a “fan” of the Cavaliers decided to purchase a page sponsorship.  While I’m all for freedom of speech, I tend to be against idiotic ranting, especially when there is no real basis for it and the absurdity of the statement is both laughable and unintelligent.  The “fan” states on the site:

“You have clicked on the page featuring the flotsam of the worst owner in professional sports, the Napoleonic carnival barker dwarf, Dan Gilbert. Compared to Dan Gilbert, Ted Stepien was a freakin’ genius.”

Really?  You’re serious?

To suggest that Dan Gilbert is a worse owner than Ted Stepien is like saying a char grilled steak is a worse food option than a Taco Bell taco.  It’s not believable.  Everyone knows that the statement is not true.  There is no amount of evidence you can produce that even begins to support such a statement.  The only real truth to be found here is that a pissed off bandwagoner, who willingly renewed their season tickets, is upset that the product on the floor no longer meets his lofty standards.  I suspect he is unable to completely enjoy his Mozart, red wine, and spread of well-aged cheeses with Mo Williams leading the Cavs in scoring.  Ridiculous.

I’m all for being upset, but to bash Dan Gilbert in this way is insane.  The Cavs are in this position now because of the actions of LeBron James, not Dan Gilbert.  Once the decision was made there was nothing left to do.  The Cavs had no option but to sign a few complimentary pieces and go into the season with a wing and a prayer.  Besides, Dan Gilbert did everything he possibly could over the past 3 years to prevent this very scenario from happening.  Nothing he did or could have done was going to stop this. 

Regardless of what Dan Gilbert, the Cavs, or the media have to say people are going to believe what they want to believe.  It can’t be stopped.  That’s how fans are.  Fans overreact, myself included, but this is one instance where logic has to outweigh stupidity.


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