It’s Not All Bad in Cleveland

Because we’re all too busy self-loathing something is going very unnoticed in Downtown Cleveland.  That something would be the Cleveland State Vikings men’s basketball team.  In case you haven’t noticed, which by all accounts you probably haven’t, the Vikings are off to a 12-0 start heading into their matchup Saturday against the #11 ranked West Virginia Mountaineers.  Get pumped up, Cleveland.  WE HAVE A REASON TO LIVE!

The Browns suck.  The Cavs suck.  The Indians are bordering on non-existent.  There’s not a lot to be excited about.  So for the Vikings, if by some chance you’re listening to me, the stage is yours.  Here is your chance to become the city’s team.  We have nothing else to get behind right now, so why not you?

It’s no secret that Cleveland isn’t really a college sports town.  Sure, we root for the Buckeyes, but that’s more like a birthright than anything else.  When it comes to Cleveland State we’d rather look the other way.  Any of the other local Division III schools?  Thanks, but no thanks.  College sports just aren’t something we live for in Cleveland.  We have three pro sports teams and as a result they garner much of our focus, and rightfully so.  Colleges are everywhere, but not all cities get a chance to have a pro sports team, let alone three of them. 

The Vikings, led by senior guard Norris Cole, have a golden opportunity to take the city by storm right now.  When they made their run in the NCAA tournament a few years back we all paid attention and got behind them, but not 100%.  We were all too busy getting sucked into another disappointing Cavaliers season that ended two playoff rounds too soon.  But not this year.  If the Vikings want to take us on a ride then by all means, where do I buy my ticket?  Everyone loves the little guy during March Madness.  Why not have the little guy be from Cleveland?  Last I checked Butler made the championship game last year and they play in the same conference as the Vikings, so anything is possible.

So Cleveland, let’s do this thing.  Let’s get behind this team.  Let’s pack the Wolstein Center and help the Vikings do something special.  Rather than bitching and moaning about how crappy our sports teams are and rehashing the LeBron James era over and over and over why not turn on the Vikings game Saturday and watch them upset the #11 team in the country?  That’s something to get excited about isn’t it?  It’s time do what we do best for the Vikings…start bleeding green and white and live for March.

The Madness is coming… You can feel it.


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