Cavs-Heat: Round 2

Tonight’s the night that the Miami Heat will take the knife and plunge it deep into the heart of Cleveland ending things once and for all.  The Cavs travel to the Fires of Mordor tonight to take on the Miami Heat in an attempt the vanquish the All Seeing Eye, Pat Riley, and his army of Orcs led by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.  Chris Bosh… He’s Gollum, but I digress.

The Heat have won nine straight games.  The Cavs have lost eight straight.  This is going to be bad man… real bad.  It’s the story of two teams going in opposite directions in every which way imaginable.  Since the December 2 beat down that occurred in Cleveland, the Miami Heat have been playing like a cohesive unit.  The Cavs have been the exact opposite.  While the events that took place that night have seemingly brought the Heat together and made them everything everyone thought they would be, the Cavs have been a mess. 

Not only have the Cavs not won a game since before that night, they aren’t even competitive right now.  They’ve lost the majority of these games by double digits and in many instances they have been 20 or 30 point blowouts.  To top things off it now appears that there may be some growing tension between Byron Scott and his players, most notably J.J. Hickson, but that’s a story for another day.

So what can we realistically expect tonight from the Cavs tonight in Miami.  Quite frankly, I’m not expecting a lot.  I’m not even sure I’m going to watch this game.  I’m over LeBron, I’m over the Heat, I’m over all of it.  I’m sick of talking about it and hearing how awesome the Heat are.  Unfortunately, I know I will.  I’m a sucker like that.  This will just be another reminder that basketball in Cleveland is dead.

There’s always a chance though.  The Cavs could go into Miami with all guns fully cocked and loaded.  This could be the night that the Cavs figure everything out and return the favor.  I can dare to dream can’t I?  That’s why they play the game isn’t it?  We see crazy things all the time in the world of sports so why not tonight?

The answer to that is simple.  The Cavs aren’t good.  Whatever happened on December 2 and the events leading up to that game changed this team.  Going into the first grudge match the Cavs were 7-9, not great but respectable given the circumstances, and looked like a team.  They looked like they were on a mission to prove all the prognosticators wrong.  The games were competitive and enjoyable to watch.  With the exception of a few games here and there the Cavs looked halfway decent and had many wondering why LeBron left in the first place, especially as the Heat floundered early on.  Well the answer is simple.  The forces of evil and the magnetic pull of the One Ring was too strong.

Now LeBron looks like a genius and the Cavs look heartless.  Losses are acceptable during the course of a season.  An eight game losing streak would even be understandable  if the games were close, but they’re not.  These games haven’t even been watchable.  That points directly to a lack of heart, not skill.  We all know there is a talent issue revolving around this current group of Cavs.  Every win they get is going to have to be a result of desire.  When they don’t want it, it shows and right now… they don’t want it.  It’s that simple.

We deserve better than that.  We stood behind this team even after LeBron kicked them to the curb.  This was mainly because we sympathized with them.  He said they weren’t good enough and we weren’t good enough.  We were together, but with each and every loss the support begins to die a little more.  It’s a shame because there are likeable players on this team with lovable Hobbit like qualities, Mo Williams and Boobie Gibson anyone, but you can’t blame people for not wanting to watch this.

So tonight’s the night.  It’s the night that will show the Cavs once again for what they are and remind us of everything we had.  It’s going to be sad.  Each and every time the Cavs enter the Fires of Mordor we’ll all be reminded of what was lost.  The ring… the One Ring to bind us all.


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