Breaking News: The Indians are Cheap

Ok, so this isn’t really breaking news, but the Indians are cheap.  Of course, we already knew that.  What we didn’t know was how cheap they really are.  In today’s paper and on is a story by Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes which breaks down the average salaries per player for each team in baseball.  Surprise, surprise, the Indians rank near the bottom of the pecking order.

Out of the 30 team in Major League Baseball, only the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates average a lower salary per player.  That’s not good.  Some people don;t even really consider the Pirates to be a real Major League franchise anymore.  Eight straight losing season will give a pretty damning reputation.  Worse yet, what does that say about the Indians?  Are we venturing into the dreaded territory of the Pirates?  The Pirates despair is a bottomless pit of no return.  Is that something the Indians really want to flirt with?

In 2010 the average salary for a member of the Indians was $1,205,210.  This was quite a drop from the 2009 figure of $2,007,420 per player.  For comparison the Pirates came in at $1,140,598.  Excuse me while I curl up and die in the corner in fetal position.  This is terrifying.  The MLB average per player is well into the $3 million range with the Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox in the $7, $5, and $4 million dollar ranges.  No surprise here that they are among the elite teams in baseball.  Further supporting the crazy notion that spending money on players leads to victories, the Indians highest average player salary of the last seven seasons… 2007… the year we almost made it to the World Series.

If this isn’t evidence enough for the Dolan’s that spending money is a necessity to compete in Major League Baseball, I don’t know what else to say.  We could yell, scream, and cry until we’re blue in the face and it may not change a damned thing.  Until the Dolan’s can put 2 and 2 together the Indians will creep further and further into baseball obscurity.  So hey Cleveland fans, finally we’re on equal footing with a Pittsburgh sports team… unfortunately for us its the wrong one.

To read the full piece by Paul Hoynes, please click here



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