The Aftermath: Browns vs. Bills


Well… That was awful.

The Browns lost to the Bills yesterday, and quite frankly I wish I hadn’t bothered watching it.  The whole game was frustrating.  Watching the Jake Delhomme era makes me want to throw a shoe through my very expensive television.  I’m saying this once and for all, Jake. Delhomme. Sucks. Period.  We need Colt back.  Hell, we could even use Seneca Wallace at this point.  Speaking of which, where is Seneca Wallace?  We saw him make a cameo on a handoff sometime in the second quarter.  Good to know Seneca is still alive.

The offense was anything but effective.  They converted only two third downs and after half time never ventured into Buffalo territory.  To make matters worse, the Browns fumbled the ball.  Then they fumbled some more.  Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly fumble again… they fumbled again.  atrocious.  Absolutely atrocious.  The inability to hold onto the ball made the offense feel very disjointed and constantly killed any and all momentum.

I would like to give a tip of the cap to the Bills.  They played hard and managed to keep Peyton Hillis in check after a very impressive first drive.  In addition to that, they did what they needed to do to win.  They avoided the big mistake and managed the elements.  No big plays on their part, but they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot either.  That’s something you can’t say about the Browns.

I think they fumbled again.

So with all of that in mind, can we please…Please…PLEASE! end the Jake Delhomme era?  I’m begging, pleading even to end this misery.  Bring in a witch doctor, call a priest, purchase a hyperbolic chamber for Colt to sleep in.  Get Colt McCoy back on the field.  The Browns looked good with him, they look like total crap without him.  He’s a player and looks like the answer to the Browns quarterback conundrum. 

The Browns just fumbled again…


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