GOOD GOD! That’s Darth Vader’s Music!

As the title suggests, for those of you familiar with Pro-Wrestling and announcer Jim Ross, Major League Baseball is turning into a wrestling like soap opera.  The Yankees and Red Sox are shooting back and forth at one another like De-Generation X and the Nation of Domination use to back in the day.  Theo Epstein has managed to recover from a Pedigree put on him by Brian Cashman and has countered with a Rock Bottom.  With Cashman lying on the mat, seemingly unconscious, It appears that Epstein is about to drop the People’s Elbow and finish things once and for all. 

Yes, I just made Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein Triple H and The Rock, respectively, in this comparison.  Mark Shapiro is more like Disco Inferno.  Nobody liked Disco Inferno.  He wasn’t even good enough to be in the WWF.

With that said, here comes a bold statement.  Are you ready for it?

The Yankees and Red Sox are ruining baseball. 

With the exploits that have gone on this week, these two teams have single-handedly caused Major League Baseball to jump the shark.  Honestly, how do you compete with two teams that are seemingly able to print their own money and drop serious cash on any player they want?  It can’t be done.  The Yankees and Red Sox are shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The Indians are shopping at Filene’s Basement.

In the past week we’ve seen the Red Sox pull off a mega blockbuster deal for all-star first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez and ink Carl Crawford to a seven-year $140 million dollar contract.  Odds are they aren’t done with their shopping spree either.  They are still in need of a third baseman and could resign Adrian Beltre if they really wanted to.  I’m no genius but I wouldn’t doubt it if they pursue more pitching as well.  All of this, of course, is in response to missing the playoffs this past year and counteracting the moves the Yankees have planned.  In the process of all of this the Red Sox have become the very thing they used to hate… The Yankees

Speaking of the Evil Empire, it’s no secret that the Yankees are after Cliff Lee.  Latest word on the street is that they have offered him seven years and $150-$160 million.  Give me a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor.


The numbers being thrown around are mind-boggling.  Seven years and $150+ million?  Lee will be 39 by the time the contract is up.  And therein lies the difference between Boston and New York and the rest of baseball.  They can offer an absurd amount of money and years, which all but guarantees they’ll get who they want because if it blows up in their faces it won’t matter.

Meanwhile the Indians top target this offseason is 33-year-old Nick Punto… WOO!  I think I just crapped myself out of excitement.  I think there are riots in the streets right now.  Nobody can contain themselves thanks to the excitement.


And people wonder why the Indians can’t compete.  The current economic structure, or lack thereof in baseball handcuffs them.  Any mistake and they’re ruined for the next five years, if not longer.  Again how do you compete under those types of circumstances?  Throw in the fact that this is Cleveland and no one wants to come here and things become all that much more difficult.

Regardless of what you may think about the situation, there’s no denying that it’s the hand we’ve been dealt.  Baseball isn’t going to change the way any of this works so there are two options.  Either bitch and moan and hope for change, or grin and bear it.  The Indians have no choice.  They have to pull up their sleeves and fight the system.   Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re prepared to do that right now.  They’d rather shop at the bargain bin.  Memo to the Indians: Pony up, take a chance, make some trades.  Sign someone that fans might actually want to come see.  If you make an investment you’ll see a return.  Instead the Indians do nothing until February and try to sell it as a great move.

But hey, at least we can go snow tubing and ice skating…


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