National Anthem Fail

It’s a time-honored tradition, the national anthem before the start of a professional sporting event.  It’s like a badge of honor for musicians.  If you get asked to sing the National Anthem it can mean either big things or a sign that you’ve made it given the situation and importance of the game.

On Sunday, as I’m sure many of you know by now, Eli Young Band performed the Star Spangled Banner prior to the Chiefs game in Kansas City.  The only way to best describe what happened was fail… epic… epic fail.  Not only did the lead singer forget the words and start over, he then skipped over the entire part he had forgotten on the second go around.  Watch it below.

I hope the rest of the guys in the band either weren’t watching this, or have a really good sense of humor because this was bad, man… real bad.  I bet this is just the type of publicity they wanted for their band.  Me thinks a certain singer might be looking for a new day job in the near future.

Of course he’s not alone in the all-time national anthem fails.

We had Carl Lewis in 1993

There was also Roseanne in 1990

National Anthem fails can also lead to some truly awesome moments like this one.  The girl forgets the words and Portland’s head coach Maurice Cheeks helps her through it.

And of course there was this…

The obvious lesson to learn from all of this.  If someone asks you to sing the National Anthem… Just Say No.


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