Preview: Browns vs. Dolphins

So this week the Browns take their talents to Miami and will look to do something their basketball brethren couldn’t do… Beat the crap out of a team from Miami.  It should be an interesting game.  We can officially say that no one knows what to expect from the Browns on a week to week basis.  This is mainly due in part to the Browns playing up or down to their competition.  Against the NFL’s elite the Browns come out with a passion and fight that is out of this world.  Against the “little sisters of the poor” the Browns tend to have crapfest.

That leads up to today’s game against the “mammals.”  The Dolphins have had a year that has been filled with as many peaks and valleys as the Browns.  The Dolphins have gone through quarterbacks, they’ve played better on the road than at home, the wildcat has come and gone and come again.  It’s hard to know what to expect out of them.  This makes for a game that’s not predictable at all.  I can see this game going any number of ways.  Dolphins blowout, Browns blowout, close game for either team.  No clue.  None.

At least it should serve as an entertaining game.  So with that in mind…

Five Things to Look for:

  1. Can Jake Delhomme not lose today’s game?  Is that asking too much?  What happened to Seneca Wallace?
  2. Can the Browns defense make things difficult for Chad Henne, who has been shaky at best all year?
  3. Will the Browns try to take pressure off of Jake Delhomme by focusing primarily on running the ball with Peyton Hillis, a given, and more creative offensive play calling like we saw in our wins this year?
  4. Will the Dolphins use more of the wildcat to compensate for the shaky performance of Chad Henne?  If they do, can the Browns stop it?
  5. Seriously… Can Jake Delhomme not lose today’s game?  Jake… I’m begging you… just throw the ball away.

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