@Cavs_Chants and @LaughAtLebron are a Unifying Voice

LeBron returns to Cleveland tomorrow, we all know that.  He is going to be booed, berated, and torn to shreds by all of us.  It’s going to be a truly one of a kind experience and environment.  In an effort to keep things civil and unified a movement has begun.

Under the guise of the twitter handle @Cavs_Chants and @LaughAtLebron some fans have chosen to take matters into their own hands.  The goal is to generate single unified chants during various portions of the game.  The thought is that unified cheers and chants can do a better job telling LeBron exactly what we all think.  The unified chants can also help keep Cleveland from embarrassing themselves, which I have to agree is for the best.

In starting this movement, @Cavs_Chants and @LaughAtLebron have helped Clevelanders take ownership of this situation proving to LeBron that he is the one that is missing out.  We’re better off without him and we plan to show it.  So kudos @Cavs_Chants and @LaughAtLebron.  You are doing something great.

You can get behind the movement by following @Cavs_Chants or @LaughAtLebron on Twitter and by printing out the chant sheet they have put up on their blog.  Here’s the link is below.  If you’re going to the game, print out copies and hand them out to people sitting around you.  Help take part in this!



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