OSU Dominates Michigan…Again!

Same story, different year.

Ohio State defeated Michigan 37-7 today in what you could call a complete and total ass kicking.  It was close early as


Michigan controlled the ball during the first quarter forcing OSU into several three and outs.  Once the second quarter started it was a completely different game.  Ohio State woke up and turned on the jets.  By the time the game was over Ohio State was on top 37-7.

Rich Rodriguez looks bad.  This makes 7 straight losses to Ohio State and three straight to start his Michigan coaching career.  Unfortunately for both Rodriguez and Ohio State this latest embarrassment might lead to his firing.  It’s a shame.  I’ve learned to enjoy the yearly beat down that Ohio State-Michigan has become.

Meanwhile, Terrelle Pryor was outstanding, running his career record vs. Michigan to 3-0.  Good times…good times.

Anyways, I’m going to go bask in the glory that is another Ohio State victory over Michigan because well… I hate Michigan and this makes me happy.  O-H!


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