Cleveland Grade School Kids Slam LBJ

So to those of you who think that the anger over LeBron has subsided over the past few months, you can think again. Turns out some grade school kids in Cleveland decided to let their displeasure with “The King” be known through poem. Sure you can make a case that this was the work of adults using children to make a point. It probably was. But the passion with which this kids perform this and the sense of accomplishment they appear to have upon completiong tells me something different. It tells me that they were none to happy with his decison. Sure he was entitled to it, but it still doesn’t mean anyone has to like it. To them he probably was a role model and he let them down. Outsiders may think this is dumb, that it’s pointless, that it’s childish. Well these are children… children who still seem pissed. Is it December 2 yet?


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